We were invited to speak at Vienna's Joseph Binder Symposium in October 2014, in preparing for the talk several international events provoked an interest in commenting on the state of the world and the responsibility of artists and designers to become involved. While the talk was well-received the questions came as to how and where the audience could become involved. We had no real answer that afternoon, but after a restless sleep the answer came: create a platform to engage artists and designers to comment on current events.

Our hope is to create a movement that will gain the attention of the worldwide major media who will support the campaign with free space in print, subway posters, blogs and other social media as well as potential exhibits and books. By creating a campaign which uses the work of illustrators, graphic designers and art directors we will once again be introducing the public to art that is not only beautiful but also meaningful. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

Charles Hively & Sarah Munt

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