We are accepting images and poster designs centered around today’s current events related to war.

This is an open call to all artists, illustrators, graphic designers and art directors from all countries. Students are encouraged to participate as well.

Our hope is to build a library of striking images that will find a place in front of a mass audience. To start we will devote the back cover of Creative Quarterly to this campaign. In addition we will be seeking pro-bono advertising space in leading national and international magazines and newspapers. If all goes well, we will use other means to keep this initiative alive in as many venues as possible including potential exhibits and books. All artists and designers will receive a credit line on any published items. The artist retains full copyright of their images. Should we get to the point of selling posters, each artist will receive compensation.

How to Submit

Please submit your images as full-size RGB, 300dpi, jpgs or PDF. Artwork dimensions should be 7 × 10-inches (17.78 × 25.4cm); please keep in mind these may also be used in print advertisements or posters, should we select your artwork we will request a specific reproduction size.

Download templates and logo

Our tagline and logo must appear as shown in all printed materials. Artists may choose to simply submit an image. If selected we will design the printed poster or advertisement around your image.

Use of our logo and tagline is free and you are not required to submit your work to us if you prefer doing your own campaign, however it is important to use our tagline and logo so we create a unified movement.

Subjects for Submissions

Perhaps a good jumping-off point is to read the text of our talk at the Joseph Binder Symposium, you may also listen to it.

We would like to be as timely as possible so keep up with the news and explore areas where you feel you can make a strong statement. Unfortunately there will be other news events in the future that will provide images that need to be addressed.

If you want to bounce an idea off of us, we will respond. Send your inquiries to