ih8war Launches Campaign

Following a keynote address at the Vienna Joseph Binder Symposium, Charles Hively and Sarah Munt developed the idea for ih8war.com. The keynote address called on artists, illustrators and designers to use their imagery to move the public to action. “Being desensitized by all the graphic video images of war, and being unmoved by them we felt art could make a difference. In looking back on art history artists and designers have always commented on the events of the day. We’re not seeing that happening today and want to change that.” said Hively. “We’re looking for today’s visual provocateurs and will publicize their art in every way possible.” One such immediate media choice is the back cover of Creative Quarterly, a magazine the couple design and publish. “We invite all artists and designers at all levels in all countries to become involved. This is not the time to be passive, the world has gone mad and we must voice our concern through our art and design.”